What Is Equity & How To Use Equity To Build Wealth

  What is equity? How does it work? What am I talking about? Why do you want? These are all questions that people will ask and they’re fundamentally important. So what is equity? I’ll give you a quick example. We buy a house for 400,000 and then over time this property increases in value. So […]

Importance of Having Good Landlords Insurance

Most property investors recognise the importance of insuring their asset. However, it’s common for some investors to assume that because they have taken out Landlords Insurance that they are well covered by the best product available. What you may not realise is that not only is Landlords Insurance quite specific to property investors, but also […]

Is It Worth Staying Loyal to Your Bank?

Gone are the days where loyalty is well-rewarded, especially when it comes to banks. It’s common to see advertisements offering new customers special discounts and deals on financial products. Yet, long-standing customers don’t receive the same rewards for their loyalty.  Recent changes to property investment loans which impact existing customers are one such case in point.

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How investing in property paid for my child to attend private school

We approached Nieuvision 4 years ago after making the decision to invest in property. We needed help and had heard great things about the company. My wife and I had 4 young children (2, 3, 6, 8) and were living in the family home we had bought 6 years earlier, before the property boom. Our […]

Building a Property Portfolio – minimising risk

    Building a successful property portfolio is not a simple process. The process is ongoing, requires solid planning and time critical decision making. Purchasing numerous properties without proper planning is unlikely to achieve above average returns in the long term – which is one of the only reasons you’d want to own multiple properties […]

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Property Investment First Time Investor? Multiple Investments? We can help you generate wealth with our proven property model Learn More > Loans & Finance We make the loan process simple. With multiple loan products available we will find the right loan for you Learn More > Property Management & Sales We offer Property Management and […]