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Property Management Adelaide

Those little add-on costs and charges of having a property managed can really add up. As an investor, you want to know where you stand with expenses, which is why we offer fixed rate property management in Adelaide with no extra fees.

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Stacey and the team will provide you with a tailored property management agreement with fixed costs that you are aware of upfront. Stacey has over a decade of experience in property management and is an expert at renting out properties at, or above market rates. Learn how we can help!

Fixed Rate Property Management

Small expenses add up. Know where you stand with fixed rate property management

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Stress Free Adelaide Property Management

If you have an investment property in Adelaide then you’ll want to get the most out of it. Managing real estate can be highly stressful, and sometimes this can lead people to take advantage of you. At Nieuvision, our experienced Adelaide property managers will work together with you to promote, sell or rent your property and get you the most from your investment.

Your property will be marketed across all major real estate websites and apps to ensure the pool of interested candidates is maximised. We want as many interested parties as possible! From the interested applicants, we field all enquiries, hold open inspections and ultimately, you’ll be presented with a selection of candidates and a recommended first choice to rent your property.

Your property manager will advise of a rent that is comparable to market rates, ensuring you’re getting the right dollar for your investment.  We’ll execute quarterly inspections and provide you with a thorough report after each. It’s our job to handle any maintenance requirements and ensure your property is maintained in great shape.

Sometimes things go wrong. A tenant might miss a payment, perhaps there’s a maintenance issue that pops up. We’ll ensure that our rental agreements provide you with the best possible protection against common issues and if something does go wrong, our promise is to treat the matter like it was one of our own properties.

Eddie & May

First Time Investors

Eddie and May pictured to the right on handover day of their investment property in Mt Barker. We advertised the property throughout our advertising network with great success – Their property was leased to fantastic tenants on the first open inspection!

Eddie & May - Property Managers Adelaide
Customer Reviews

We send clients a request for an honest Google review after they’ve had an interaction with us because we value all feedback (positive and constructive). Here below are a selection of recent customer reviews.

It's been almost a month of living with my family in our new rental home, managed by: Stacey Hunter (Property Manager) Nieuvision- Modbury. During this period, Stacey was professional, knowledge, commited, honest and extremely efficient in all communication via phone and email. It is without saying, my family and I are greatly appreciative to Stacey for providing us the opportunity to meet our housing needs.. You are an amazing asset to the company!!! The family and I are looking forward to fostering our new relationship with you.M
Ilie Trifou
Tenant Google Review
Stacey has provided us with the most fantastic service throughout our tenancy. We have received fantastic customer service and communication right through the process and appreciate Stacey's willingness to be flexible and accommodating. Thank you Stacey for making our renting experience through Nieuvisiona good one.
Facebook Review
Stacey is fantastic. She looks after our 2 investment properties and makes it so easy. Great communication and always easy to talk to when we have any questions.
Facebook Review

Meet Stacey Hunter,
Senior Property Manager

Stacey Hunter - Property Manager Adelaide

Property Manager Adelaide

Stacey is tremendously experienced in all aspects of Property Management; an industry specialist since 2005. Energetic, highly motivated and carrying a professional outlook in all aspects of the Property Management role, she prides herself on exceptional customer service.

Stacey believes the constant communication between Property Manager to Landlords and Tenants is an essential component of maintaining a successful Property Management portfolio and with 12 years of industry experience, we are certain that Stacey will be a valuable asset to your investment portfolio.

(08) 8263 4009

Clovercrest Plaza, 429 Montague Rd, Modbury North SA 5092

Benefits of a property manager

Managing property is similar to running your own business, requiring time and commitment. Allowing a property manager to step in and take care of all the details make a lot of sense! Here are just some of the many benefits to handing the workload over to an experienced specialist:

Quality tenants: Finding trustworthy, quality tenants can be time-consuming and exhausting when you don’t have the screening experience. You may end up with a difficult tenant who doesn’t properly care for your property, or one that refuses to leave your property. Our experienced property managers have analysed thousands of applications. We have a thorough screening process that results in reliable tenants who pay on time, rent for longer, put the property through less wear and tear, and generally cause fewer problems.

No costly and time consuming legal issues: A difficult tenant can potentially cause legal and financial trouble for you. By using Nieuvision property management you can avoid this as we are knowledgeable and experienced in landlord-tenant laws and will make sure you’re never in a position where you could be involved in a lawsuit. We also ensure all the appropriate documentation is in place and will correctly take care of all the complicated contracts and legalities.

Marketing done for you: Adelaide property managers have access to internet marketing and other private channels where we can advertise your property for rent. This allows greater reach to prospective tenants. We respond to tenant enquiries quickly and efficiently and also take on the responsibility of showing your property to prospective tenants.

Lower vacancy, improved retention: An experienced property manager will help you keep your vacancies filled by improving and preparing the property for rent, determining the best rent rate (one attractive to prospective tenants but still earning a good income), and attracting tenants by marketing and advertising your property effectively. With shorter vacancy cycles, your tenant retention rate will also be much higher, meaning you won’t have to keep preparing the property for a new tenant to move in.

Rent collected on time: Avoid the hassle and headache of rent collection every month and leave it to your property manager to chase down the rent and deal with any difficulties that might arise from a difficult tenant. A property management specialist can enforce the lease terms on your behalf and, if necessary, handle any evictions. This will allow you to maintain a professional relationship between yourself and the tenant without getting personally involved in any complications and disputes that may arise.

Lower maintenance: It is vital to preserve the value of your property through any necessary maintenance and repair costs that are required over time. Your property manager will conduct regular inspections to make sure it is well maintained and taken care of, and take the appropriate action if it’s not.

Lose the stress: With the services of experienced and dedicated property managers, you will have the freedom to live wherever you want without needing to always be near your property. Your property manager will provide a high level of service and be readily available to respond to any potential problems. The best part is that you won’t have to deal with the long hours or the stress that comes with difficult tenants, complicated legal forms and paperwork, maintenance emergencies or rent issues because we will do it for you.

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