Perth Property Forecast 2020: Top Suburbs and Market Outlook

Perth Property Market Update Perth is a picturesque city overlooking the Indian Ocean; it makes a beautiful place to live for young families, retirees and young professionals alike. With the property market experiencing a downturn in Sydney, Melbourne, and other major cities, Perth has also undergone a slight decline; however, property pundits believe that the […]

Melbourne Property Forecast 2020: Top Suburbs and Market Outlook

Melbourne Property Market Forecast The Melbourne property market experienced the most significant quarterly decline in ten years. By the end of 2018, the Melbourne real estate market dropped by -4.7%. The NAB residential property index highlights that property investors are losing interest in the city and as a result of this and the decline in […]

Sydney Property Forecast 2020: Top Suburbs and Market Outlook

Sydney Property Market Forecast The Sydney property market enjoyed ten years of steady and unobstructed growth; however, 2018 saw a slight softening of the market. The overall consensus is that 2019 will see much of the same. What is the general forecast for the 2019 Sydney property market? The period of steady decline in the […]

SE QLD- Australia’s New Investment Hotspot

  The Australian housing market and reports of declining property prices has created an air of uncertainty for potential and established property investors. However, there are still opportunities for in growth in Australian housing investment. The key to successful property investing in Australia is to find the most viable locations.   According to property investors […]

Tasmania Property Forecast 2020: Top Suburbs and Market Outlook

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, has gained a significant amount of attention from potential investors and first-time house buyers in the past three years. The quaint scenery and quirky architecture and steady economic growth has made Hobart an attractive choice for property buyers. The market downturn that affected Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities […]