The privacy of your personal information is afforded the highest level of importance by Nieuvision Financial Planning Pty Ltd (ACN 123 566 067) and Nieuvision Property Pty Ltd (ACN 166 926 825) (together, Nieuvision).

We uphold the principles of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Act) regarding the manner in which we handle your personal information and how we respond to your requests to access and correct it.  While we take careful measures to protect the confidentiality of information provided to us, we have adopted this Privacy Policy to reflect the intentions of the Act.

This document sets out our information handling procedures and the rights and obligations that both you and we have in relation to your personal information.

What kinds of personal information do we collect?

The kinds of personal information that we collect and hold may include:

your contact information, including postal and residential addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers, and email addresses;
details of  services we supply at your request;
details relating to your employment;
your financial information, including superannuation details;
data relating to your activity on our websites via tracking technologies such as cookies;
details of any survey responses you provide;
for job applicants or staff, employment history and educational qualifications; and
your credit card and/or bank account details.

How do we collect and hold personal information?

We will only collect personal information where it is reasonably necessary to do so for the conduct of our business. Any collection of personal information by us will be fair and lawful and will not be intrusive.

We will collect personal information about you in the following ways:

if you provide it to us in person;
if you provide your information by telephone or facsimile;
if you contact us via email or submit your information through our website; and/or
if it is provided to us by a referral partner.

If it is reasonable and practical do so, we will collect personal information about you only from you. In the course of operating our business, however, we may collect personal information from third parties such as suppliers, advertisers, mailing lists, recruitment agencies, contractors and business partners.

If we collect personal information about you from a third party we will, where appropriate, request that the third party inform you that we are holding such information, explain how we will use and disclose it, and let you know that you may contact us to gain access to and correct and update the information.

If you choose not to give us personal information that we request from you, we may not be able to provide you with any goods or services you have asked us to supply.

How do we hold personal information?

We will hold personal information as either physical records, records on our servers, and in some cases, records on third party servers, which may be located overseas.

We take active steps to hold all hard copy and electronic records of personal information in a secure manner to ensure that they are protected from misuse, interference and loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We have procedures in place to destroy or de-identify personal information once it is no longer needed for a valid purpose or required to be kept by law.

Purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information

In general, we will collect, hold, use and disclose personal information for the purposes of providing or offering goods and services to you. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information about you that we hold is accurate and up-to-date.

By providing us with your personal information, you consent to us using and disclosing your personal information for the following purposes:

providing you with news and information about our products and services;
sending you marketing and promotional material that we believe you may be interested in, either from any of our related entities or a third party business which we consider may be of interest to you;
personalising your experience with our products and services, for example, via connectivity with social media services;
conducting competitions or promotions on behalf of us and selected third parties;
for job applicants, assessing your eligibility for employment with Nieuvision; and
for credit checking with credit reporting agencies.

You may opt out of receiving marketing and promotional material from us at any time by contacting our Privacy Officer, using the contact details set out at the end of this document.

There may be circumstances in which we are authorised or required by law to use or disclose your personal information. We may disclose personal information between our related bodies corporate or to third parties such as our suppliers, organisations that provide us with technical and support services, or our professional advisors, where permitted by the Act.

Any disclosure that is required to be made to any third party will be made primarily for the purpose of providing or offering goods and services to you. If we disclose information to a third party, we generally require that the third party protect your information to the same extent that we do.

How can you access your personal information?

You may request access to or correction of your personal information at any time by sending a written request to our Privacy Officer, using the contact details set out at the end of this document.

We will respond to all requests for access to or correction of personal information within a reasonable time.

Enquiries and complaints

If you have any enquiries or complaints about the way in which we handle your personal information, you may direct your concerns/query to our Privacy Officer, using the contact details set out at the end of this document.

We take all complaints seriously, and will respond to you within a reasonable period.

Cross Border Disclosures of Information

As at the date of this Privacy Policy, we are not likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients.

If in future we do propose to disclose personal information overseas, we will do so in compliance with the requirements of the Act.  We will, where practicable, advise you of the countries in which any overseas recipients are likely to be located.  Please note that the use of overseas service providers to store personal information will not always involve a disclosure of personal information to that overseas provider.


This document reflects our Privacy Policy as at 25 June 2018, and replaces all previous Privacy Policies. We may amend our Privacy Policy at any time by posting an updated Privacy Policy on our website, and such updated Privacy Policy will be effective from the date of posting or such future date as we specify.

Privacy Officer

Our Privacy Officer can be contacted as follows:

Rick Nieuwenhoven


Clovercrest Plaza

427 Montague Road

Modbury North SA