How investing in property paid for my child to attend private school

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We approached Nieuvision 4 years ago after making the decision to invest in property. We needed help and had heard great things about the company.

My wife and I had 4 young children (2, 3, 6, 8) and were living in the family home we had bought 6 years earlier, before the property boom. Our house cost us $370,000 and after carrying out some fairly extensive renovations we were surprised and thrilled to realise we had just over $220,000 worth of equity available to us.


Our first inclination was to go out and buy a property we liked. After sitting with the Nieuvision team, we realised we needed to have a long term plan – after all, we have 4 kids to put through school.


Rick encouraged us to ‘dream big’. We wrote a ten year plan, ending with us owning 7 investment properties that would accrue enough equity to draw on and send all our kids to private high schools. It was a big dream, an impossible dream. Or so we thought.


We bought our first house, a 3×2, neatly presented, with tidy gardens and neutral décor within 3 weeks of meeting with Nieuvision. The sellers were building their dream house and part of the sale agreement was that they would rent back the property for a year. Talk about a perfect arrangement! As the previous owners, they were emotionally attached to the house and were committed to the continued upkeep of the property.


Seven months later we approached Nieuvision again. After seeing how easy the investment process was, we wanted to repeat the experience, using a little more of the equity in our home as the deposit on our next property. Once again, Nieuvision delivered a highly desirable investment property. This one was a 4×2, near a train station. It was a little dated inside, but the layout was nice and the gardens were low maintenance.


The Nieuvision property management team sourced and screened tenants for us, which gave us great peace of mind. We could hardly believe that we were now the owners of two investment properties – at a very small weekly out of pocket expense.


The pressures of getting the kids to and from school, homework and music lessons took our minds of furthering our investment portfolio for almost a year – life happens! But, not long after the following Christmas we sat down with Nieuvision again, determined to pursue our big dream.


We used some more of the equity in our house to buy property number 3. A small 3×2 on a huge block, the initial rental income wasn’t much, but the land had just been rezoned, allowing for multiple dwellings. We decided to keep the house for 18 months (as Nieuvision had already found us tenants) and then we would redevelop. That would give us 4 rental incomes – one for each of the children. Our goal of achieving a property portfolio that would cover the costs of private school was within reach.


I can say with all honesty that without Nieuvision’s help, we would not be in the fantastic financial position we are now in. My wife and I are thrilled to know that we will be able to provide our kids with a private education – something we thought was out of our reach.


Our property investment journey continues, with each month that passes we get closer to our dream goal of 7 properties in 10 years.


Thanks Nieuvision.

John Denby, Adelaide.

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