Fixed vs Variable Interest Rates: Which is the Best Option for You?

With interest rates at an all-time low, many people start wondering is now the right time to fix my loan? Will interest rates continue to drop or will they start to rise? Let’s face it; interest rates are cyclical. While they might be at historic lows right now, there are always points in the economic […]

Demystifying the Home Loan Process

Before you head out to hunt for a new family home or investment property, take a bit of time to get your home loan sorted first. If you’re like most people, it can feel as though banks make you jump through hoops to get your mortgage approved. However, there are some quick steps you can […]

Car Buyers Benefit from Ban on Unfair Commissions for Car Loans

Last year, we published an article in our newsletter explaining some easy ways to avoid getting trapped by some of the shadier finance deals offered by some car dealerships.  It’s well-known that many car dealerships offer finance options for car loans onsite that allow customers to apply for a car loan on the spot and […]

Can You Get A Home Loan That Includes Renovation Costs?

  Can I use a home renovation loan or can I get a home loan to include renovation costs? Yeah, well of course you can. We’ve got to be careful that you’re not classed as an Owner Builder. The banks aren’t particularly fond of lending to Owner Builders. So we’ll take that out of the […]

How Much Does It Cost To Refinance?

  How Much Does It Cost To Refinance A Loan & How Much Does It Cost To Refinance Your Home What does it cost to refinance a new home loan? It can vary between bank to bank. The bigger banks generally may have a fractionally cheaper cost to you in refinancing compared to the smaller […]

When Is The Best Time To Refinance? (2020 Guide)

  Best Time To Refinance Home And The Best Time To Refinance A Home Loan Is it good to refinance your home loan? Absolutely it is. Is it good to refinance your home loan every six months? Probably not. We have to do the mathematical formula on it, right. Because obviously there is that cost […]

How To Pay Off Your Home In 5 years

  How To Pay Off Your Home Loan In 5 Years   Get in touch with us to get an update about how to pay off home loan faster or how to pay off home loan early I’m here to talk about how you can pay your home loan off in five years. It’s a […]

LMI on Investment Properties (The Unknown Benefit)

    Lenders Mortgage Insurance on an investment property is also known as LMI. And I have a bad habit when I talk to clients and I say LMI, and they look at me with a glazed face, “What are you talking about?” We’re talking about Lenders Mortgage Insurance. What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance? It’s […]

Huge Risk In Fixing Your Home Loan That No-one Is Talking About

  All right, one of my great discussion topics at the moment, I call it the interest rate track. I’m going to explain it to you, but this is all about fixing your loan versus a variable loan in this current market. I’m very strong with my opinion on staying variable. I understand that fixed […]

Investment Property Deposits (How Much, How To Get A Deposit & More)

  Question, how much deposit for an investment property? Great question. Do we need 20%, do we need 30%, do we need 10%, do we need nothing? All good questions and where it comes from is the standard is a 20% deposit is required to buy an investment property, but that’s primarily if we want […]