Is A Townhouse A Good Investment Property?

Are Townhouses Good Investment Properties

  Guide for property investment Is a townhouse investment property, a good investment in property? Absolutely they can be in. I try to argue with everybody, diversification in your portfolio. So houses, townhouses, maybe even apartments, heaven forbid, if we want to go down that pathway. They all have a purpose. The great advantage with […]

The Essential Guide To Common Investment Property Tax Deductions (2020 Edition)

  Can I Claim Painting On My Investment Property? – Investment Property Tax Deductions     Can I claim painting on my investment property? Of course, you can claim painting on your investment property. You can claim any expense which is relatable to producing assessable income, except for travel, which I’ll get to shortly, which […]

Capital Gains Tax On Investment Property (Updated 2020 Rulings)

how to avoid capital gains tax when selling an investment property

  Hi. I’m here to talk about capital gain tax on investment property, and how it affects you as a property holder. So when is capital gains tax paid is question number one, and do you have to pay it on investment property? Well, yes you do have to pay it on an investment property […]

Trust Structure For Investment Property Explained

  I’m here to talk today about trust structure and why you would do it around an investment property. So trusts are a separate legal entity by law, and so why would we be looking at trust structures is to isolate our assets, or even if it’s not investment property, any asset. But isolate our […]