Taking the stress out of managing your property.

If you’ve invested in property in Adelaide then you’ll want to get the most out of it. Managing real estate can be highly stressful, and sometimes this can lead people to take advantage of you. At Nieuvision our experienced Adelaide property management professionals will work together with you to promote, sell or rent your property and get you the most from your investment.

Property Management Adelaide

Property management in Adelaide is a growing industry. As more and more people invest in property they also require experts to manage that property. Correct property management and sales processes can make sure you get the most out of your investment, while still following all the necessary steps and legal obligations. We’ll do all the hard work for you.

What a Nieuvision property manager can do for you:

Our experienced property managers market your property, select a tenant and manage your property. Specific tasks we complete include:

  • Negotiating a rent appropriate for: your property, the area and the current market conditions
  • Advertising for and locating potential tenants
  • Tenant selection and rent collection
  • Preparing periodic or fixed-term residential tenancy agreements
  • Lodging and applying for the release of security bonds
  • Conducting property inspections
  • Reporting and arranging for any necessary repairs and maintenance, as authorised by you
  • Providing you with any relevant notices and financial statements
  • Attending meetings on your behalf (such as strata company meetings)
  • Paying local council rates and strata levies, etc.
  • Issuing breach/termination notices to the tenant, and arranging for any necessary court proceedings when appropriate

Why you need a property manager

Managing property is similar to running your own business, requiring time and commitment. Why don’t you call Nieuvision and let one of our professionals step in and take care of all the details. There are many benefits to handing the workload over to an experienced specialist:

Your tenants will be trustworthy and of a higher standard. Finding trustworthy, quality tenants can be time-consuming and exhausting when you don’t have the screening experience. You may end up with a difficult tenant who doesn’t properly care for your property, or one that refuses to leave your property. Our experienced property managers have analysed thousands of applications. We have a thorough screening process that results in reliable tenants who pay on time, rent for longer, put the property through less wear and tear, and generally cause fewer problems.

No costly and time consuming legal issues. A difficult tenant can potentially cause legal and financial trouble for you. By using Nieuvision property management you can avoid this as we are knowledgeable and experienced in landlord-tenant laws and will make sure you’re never in a position where you could be involved in a lawsuit. We also ensure all the appropriate documentation is in place and will correctly take care of all the complicated contracts and legalities.

We’ll handle the marketing and viewing of your property. Property management professionals like Nieuvision have access to internet marketing and other private channels where we can advertise your property for rent. This allows greater reach to prospective tenants. We respond to tenant enquiries quickly and efficiently. We also take on the responsibility of showing your property to prospective tenants.

Shorter vacancy cycles and better tenant retention. An experienced property manager will help you keep your vacancies filled by improving and preparing the property for rent, determining the best rent rate (one attractive to prospective tenants but still earning a good income), and attracting tenants by marketing and advertising your property effectively. With shorter vacancy cycles, your tenant retention rate will also be much higher, meaning you won’t have to keep preparing the property for a new tenant to move in.

The rent collection process will be tighter. Avoid the hassle and headache of rent collection every month and leave it to your property manager to chase down the rent and deal with any difficulties that might arise from a difficult tenant. Nieuvision’s property management specialist can enforce the lease terms on your behalf and, if necessary, handle any evictions. This will allow you to maintain a professional relationship between yourself and the tenant without getting personally involved in any complications and disputes that may arise.

Your maintenance and repair costs will be lower. It is vital to preserve the value of your property through any necessary maintenance and repair costs that are required over time. Your property manager will conduct regular inspections to make sure it is well maintained and taken care of, and take the appropriate action if it’s not.

The value of your investment property will increase. With correct and effective inspection and maintenance processes in place, your property manager will be able to prevent any maintenance and repair issues from becoming too serious or costly. We can also offer suggestions and advice on alterations and upgrades to your property that can affect the rate of rent you can charge and the insurance costs, ultimately increasing the overall value of your property and making it more attractive to prospective tenants.

You will have more freedom, more time and less stress. With the services of our experienced and dedicated property management specialists, you will have the freedom to live wherever you want without needing to always be near your property. Your property manager will provide a high level of service and be readily available to respond to any potential problems. The best part is that you won’t have to deal with the long hours or the stress that comes with difficult tenants, complicated legal forms and paperwork, maintenance emergencies or rent issues because we will do it for you.

Your objectives are our objectives

Communication is vital in any property relationship. No matter how big or small your query, Nieuvision will listen. Your trustworthy and competent property management specialist will keep you in the loop, with regular updates on our processes for property management and selling, because we believe in keeping you informed.

Our property management and sales team at Nieuvision make up one of Adelaide’s leading finance and property investment companies and we are here to simplify the real estate and financial process for you. Make your real estate investment experience an easy one with Nieuvision.

Take advantage of our quality services and find out how we can be a good fit for your property. Call (08) 8263 4009 and speak to one of our dedicated and friendly professionals today.