Can You Get A Home Loan That Includes Renovation Costs?

  Can I use a home renovation loan or can I get a home loan to include renovation costs? Yeah, well of course you can. We’ve got to be careful that you’re not classed as an Owner Builder. The banks aren’t particularly fond of lending to Owner Builders. So we’ll take that out of the […]

When Is The Best Time To Refinance? (2020 Guide)

  Best Time To Refinance Home And The Best Time To Refinance A Home Loan Is it good to refinance your home loan? Absolutely it is. Is it good to refinance your home loan every six months? Probably not. We have to do the mathematical formula on it, right. Because obviously there is that cost […]

What is Debt to Income Ratio?

Debt to Income ratio is a term that lenders use to determine the serviceability of the loan.  This ratio identifies how much of your monthly income is applied towards the payment of ongoing debts such as credit card payments, personal debt, mortgage repayments or car loans.  It is your total monthly debts divided by your […]

The Credit Traps to be Aware of

As a consumer you should always think twice about applying for credit with any financial institution, as it could prevent you from obtaining finance for a home loan when you are ready. When you apply for any type of credit it goes on your file and will affect your credit score, even if you don’t […]

How to buy property

When we talk property and we talk how to buy property what do we do?   The first and easiest question is just buy it in our name, be that as single person or husband and wife. This alone is fraught with implications. How do we split the ownership? This split can influence your returns […]