Starting Your Own Business

Taking the leap into starting your own business can be exciting! You have the opportunity to be your own boss, set your own working schedule, and take responsibility for how your business is run. However, it’s important to ensure your business is set up and structured correctly so you can hopefully avoid problems later. If […]

Understanding Income Tax – A Guide for SME’s

I find that a large number of business owners do not completely understand how income tax works and therefore they focus on the wrong issues. In a typical conversation their overwhelming concerns are usually: I don’t want to pay tax. How can I save tax? Why aren’t I getting a tax refund? Once I help […]

Accounting Software vs Excel Spreadsheets for SMEs

A common issue we come across when working with SME business owners is the use of Excel spreadsheets (or worse a shoebox) instead of appropriate accounting software to manage their record keeping requirements.  When asked “Why do you manage your business this way?” we usually hear one of the two following answers: Because Excel spreadsheets […]