Is Positive Cash Flow Investment Property Still Available?

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One of the questions we get asked is, “What is one of the best, if not the best positive cash flow investment properties?” It’s quite popular at the moment, it’s called dual lot, which is different to what’s called a duplex. A duplex is two houses, two independent, and it costs a lot of money in the build, right. A dual lot is basically one house, but split on the one title, under one roof, into two houses. And they’re not separated, it’s not like a granny flat, it’s two houses under the one roof.

So what that means is you might have a three bedroom house on one side, and a two bedroom house, all under the one roof on the other side. Soundproofed, fireproofed, the whole lot, but it increases your income yields generally by about $150 a week. And it’s also buffering your risk because it’s highly unlikely you’re going to have both sides of the property untenanted at the one time. So you’ve got a higher probable chance that if one person’s moving out, you’ve still got another tenant on the other side, so you’re still maintaining some cash flow.

But because of the two rental yields on the one property, you find that this property is positively cash flowed, and it can be positively cash flowing from $50 to $150 depending on the property that you’re buying and the location that you’re buying it in. So that means the property is paying down itself and without even you, the owner having to make additional contributions. Quite popular. I’ve had a lot of clients over the last couple of years come to me and look at and explore this option. More than happy to have a chat.

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