When It Is Good Time To Invest In Real Estate?

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When the best time to invest in real estate? The traditional answer would be yesterday. But when is the best time to buy an investment property or anything? It’s yesterday. Because the sooner we invest, the sooner we can make returns. Now the most difficult thing we can do as a property investor or share investor is trying to time the market. We need to leave timing the market to people that live, breathe, and consume their analysis 15 hours a day, every day of the week because it’s too difficult. So what we need to do is actually just have a strategy.

And one of those strategies is when we’re talking about property, we want to make sure we’re having a systematic plan which could be not considering just one property but multiple properties. And I’m going to show you why it’s fundamentally important. So if you see in other videos what I’ve seen, I’ve spoken about this, this curve here this is our 10 year business cycle. So we have peaks and troughs through the business cycle.

Now if we’re investing in property and we want to buy appropriately the key is if we buy multiple properties, so if I draw a house at different timelines on the cycle and so we might be buying a couple in the high, some in between, some in the low. What happens is when [inaudible 00:01:37] what’s called an average or what’s known as dollar-cost averaging. So we’re buying in the high, the peaks, the lows. What we’re doing is with buying at the right opportunity for us. It doesn’t matter about the market. We want to be buying an under-valued property at a high point in the market. That is the key.

We want to make sure that we’re buying a value property at the right time in the right location. So we don’t want to worry about the cycle. We don’t want to let now the Corona, for example, affect our decision making because Corona’s just a small blip here in the timeline of a whole 10-year system. So over the whole ten-year journey, we will make our money back. But just at this point here, okay, it might be a little bit problematic. But if we’ve got the ability to borrow money and we’ve got the ability with equity and we’re considering doing something, we should still be doing something now.

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