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Location no more - Property Investment

If you’re holding off on buying an investment property until you can afford your favourite location, stop wasting your time and press play on your future. Have a read on these hot tips on what you should really be looking for location wise!


How often is it that we hear someone talking about their “dream home”? Typically, their description details the number of bedrooms, the layout of the backyard, the extravagance of the kitchen and the suburb. The suburb is always of key importance. People want to buy a home in an area that they can recall fondly from their childhood or that they attend regular lunches in now that they’re adults. The suburb is integral to an individual’s perception of the house and central to whether or not they want to buy it.

This pattern of thought can be hugely disadvantageous to those looking to get ahead financially. While you’re waiting for the stars to align and for your dream house to become available to you, you’re holding on to money that could be being used to bring you additional income.

Here’s a Valuable Tip

Grab a map, circle your favourite suburbs – the hip, cultured suburbs that you have been saving your pennies to afford a property in. Then use these suburbs as cores to branch out from. The less-developed suburbs encircling your “dream neighbourhoods” are where you really want to buy.

As people are pushed out of the more expensive, dream neighbourhoods, they will begin to move into the surrounding areas. The neighbourhood you invested in during its seedling stages will soon begin to thrive and housing prices will increase. Soon enough, you’ll have played a part in building your own neighbourhood culture and will have accumulated some cash to your name, while you were at it.

We’ve always told our clients to worry about the return on investment over the location.

By keeping this tip front of mind, the housing market and the prospect of investment will suddenly become a lot more accessible to you, because you’re no longer being blinkered by a focus on unaffordable, emotion-influenced investment. Property investment will now be an achievable goal and you can realise that it’s never too early, or too difficult to get ahead.

With Nieuvision, investment and financial success are a reality for anyone. Our friendly, experienced staff members are able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge to provide you with the information you desire and need. Contact us today to find out how we can help you personally reach your investment and financial goals.

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