The Story

David Blackmore is 37 years old. He and his wife are in a solid financial position as they have almost paid off their current home’s mortgage. After working hard for years to achieve this, David is a little apprehensive about going back into debt. He knows that he should be thinking about accumulating assets for retirement but just doesn’t know what the best option is. His wife has just re-entered the workforce after being at home raising their 3 children for the last eight years and so there will now be two incomes coming in. He wants to take advantage of this but needs some professional advice.


The Solution

Once Nieuvision explained the benefits of going into short-term debt in order to make long-term gains, David’s fears began to fade. The in-depth and comprehensive plan put together by the Nieuvison team showed him how he and his wife could rapidly grow their wealth and property portfolio. They are now in the enviable position of making a steady weekly income from their property investments and saving $15,000 a year in tax. David is now not only convinced of the benefits of property investment but is also looking forward to buying more as soon as possible. This is The Blackmore’s story – what’s yours? Nieuvision – creating a wealthier YOU!