The Story

Nick and Brooke, a young couple planning to have a baby, wanted to buy a house on a limited budget while they were both still earning. As first home buyers with very limited savings, they were convinced that their situation was hopeless. A friend recommended they contact us here at Nieuvision, to see if we could offer them a solution.


The Solution

We approached the situation by listing all assets owned by the couple, and by conducting a thorough review of their financial situation. Using the expert members of our finance division, we were able secure a low deposit loan for Nick and Brooke – much to their surprise. We also were able to find a reasonably priced house which fit their budget and was neatly presented, so they didn’t need to outlay extra money on home improvements. In order to secure the loan, Nick was required to sell his motor bike. He was hesitant at first, but after listening to the long term investment plan outlined by our team, he decided it was a sacrifice he was willing to make to realise their dream. This is Nick and Brook’s story – what’s yours? Nieuvision – creating a wealthier you!