The Story

Nadine was renting a property in an area she wanted to live, but couldn’t afford to buy there. She was struggling to save enough of a deposit to purchase a property and needed advice to find the right starting point.


The Solution

Drawing on Nieuvision's experience in finance and property investment, Nadine was able to find the right opportunity to build an investment property, which also attracted a local government grant and added to her deposit. This was a great strategy for Nadine to enter the property market and start to build for the future. Nieuvision managed the entire investment process on behalf of Nadine, ensuring she felt comfortable throughout. Nadine now owns her first tenanted investment property and is working towards her longer-termĀ 5 year plan of adding to her property portfolio and having enough equity to build her dream home. This is Nadine's story - what's yours? Nieuvision - creating a wealthier you.