The Story

Michelle and Will Baker have two properties already, the family home and a rental property which they currently manage. They both have steady jobs and want to take their investment portfolio to the next level. They approached Nieuvsion for some advice.


The Solution

Our team members thoroughly examined the Baker’s financial situation and came up with a plan to help move them forward in their property goals. There was a large amount of equity accrued between the two properties and this was used in a such a way that within 4 months Michelle and Will had managed to purchase a further two properties. The Baker’s realised that it was unlikely that they would be available to manage these properties themselves, given their busy work schedules, so they employed the property management team at Nieuvison to do the hard work for them. They have a plan in place for further investment, and are now excited to see what the future brings. This is the Baker’s story – what is yours? Nieuvision – creating a wealthier YOU!