The Story

Michael, 57, has recently finished paying child support for his two children. He has $40,600 in savings, a 1×1 apartment as an investment, and an income of $125,000. With the extra money now available to him he wants to expand his property investment portfolio to secure his retirement. He bought his investment apartment through his friend, who was the developer, but was not seeing the best rental returns. Knowing he needed some professional advice he contacted Nieuvision.


The Solution

Michael was right in thinking that his investment apartment could be working harder for him. The Nieuvision property management team reviewed the apartment, showing Michael that his property was charging $50 a week under the market value. With the current tenants due to move out within the month, the property was advertised with the new, higher rent, and suitable tenants were found. Nieuvision also showed Michael how he could afford to buy two more investment properties, all within 6 months of first contacting us. He is well on his way to creating a dynamic and exciting property investment portfolio that will provide financial security for him when he retires. This is Michael’s story – what’s yours? Nieuvision – creating a wealthier YOU!