The Story

Matt and Nancy were in a solid financial position, having nearly paid off the mortgage on their first home. They had been taught to fear debt and were apprehensive about taking on debt to finance a new investment. They didn’t realise that debt is not always bad thing. It can be used to lower the tax they were paying and to accumulate assets for retirement. Despite wanting to ensure financial strength and ensure a comfortable retirement, Nancy was extremely nervous at the thought of buying another property.


The Solution

With our help, Matt and Nancy realised the importance of retirement planning as soon as possible. Nieuvision showed them the benefits of going into short-term debt in order to make long-term gains. Now they’re making a steady weekly income from their property investments and are saving $15,000 a year in tax. After investing in another home, Nancy is convinced of the benefits of property investment and is looking forward to buying a second investment property as soon as possible. This is Matt & Nancy’s story – what’s yours? Nieuvision – creating a wealthier YOU!