The Story

After renting a house for the past decade, Nieuvision taxation clients Joseph and Rose sought further advice about mortgages for first home buyers and investors so they could start to realise their dream of home ownership.


The Solution

Nieuvision listened to Joseph and Rose's ambitions of buying their first family home. The initial advice offered to Joseph and Rose was to pay off their car loan first to increase the amount they could borrow to purchase a house. After paying off their car loan, they decided on a land and construction property to take advantage of the First Home Owner Grant and reduced stamp duty. Now they have secured their first land loan and are finalising the building contract and plans for their dream home before proceeding with the construction loan. Once their house is built, Joseph and Rose look forward to inviting their friends to visit and referring them to Nieuvision to give them the same opportunity to buy their own homes. Looking to the future, when some of their home loan has been paid off, Joseph and Rose aim to purchase an investment property to help them achieve financial freedom. This is Joseph and Rose's story - what's yours? Nieuvision - creating a wealthier you.