The Story

John, 47, is a recently divorced senior store manager of a factory. John’s financial situation was relatively stable – he had an income of $75,000 and a $20,000 investment in a share portfolio. He was worried about meeting his home loan repayments in the future, unsure that his share portfolio would be able to deliver the returns he required to pay off the loan repayments and live comfortably.


The Solution

John had Nieuvision review his portfolio, and with proper nurturing and guidance was able to re-direct his investments into different structures and forms. Nieuvision also examined John’s mortgage thoroughly, restructuring it to allow him to reduce his interest costs. These changes, along with a properly implemented financial savings plan, enabled John to achieve the returns necessary to efficiently pay off his home loan. He was able to take an overseas holiday whilst still accumulating excellent savings. John is now able to focus on other aspects of his life without the stress of financial obligations that were holding him back from moving forward. This is John’s story - what’s yours? Nieuvision - creating a wealthier YOU