The Story

Daryl and Tina were existing clients of Nieuvision, using some of our other services, but they had never owned an investment property before. They were both self-employed and thought their age would be a barrier to their ability to invest in property, despite a substantial amount of savings in the bank. Their philosophy towards increasing their investments was “better late than never”. They came to Nieuvision hoping to build a property portfolio to suit their retirement needs, so they could have a safe and reliable investment that grows in value each year.


The Solution

The team at Nieuvision showed them finance options for the self-employed and created a property acquisition plan to suit their needs. Daryl and Tina are extremely happy that they were able to expand their property portfolio to three properties. With these three properties, they now have assets which provide them a weekly income from rental payments, continue to grow in value, and help them to keep their tax as low as possible. This is Daryl & Tina’s story – what’s yours? Nieuvision – creating a wealthier YOU!