The Story

Craig and Jane are at the later stages of their careers. Their children are teenagers, all close to finishing high school. As their children’s education comes to a close and Craig and Jane approach financial independence, they are now focusing on planning their retirement and making sure they’re not burdened by debt.



The Solution

Nieuvision advised Craig and Jane to buy a low-maintenance investment property to suit their busy lifestyle and provide a stable income for their future. They were able to do so without spending of all of their savings on a down payment. Nieuvision recommended the best areas to buy, how to minimise the tax they paid, and assisted them in creating a financial plan to manage the property. Nieuvision's property management team were employed to liaise with with tenants and any legal issues raised, ensuring Craig and Jane had the freedom they needed to work, and allowed plenty of time to spend with their kids. They can now rest easy, knowing they have a stable income source for their retirement. They are paying only a small amount of tax, and have a high-value asset in case of a financial emergency. This is Craig & Jane’s story – what’s yours? Nieuvision – creating a wealthier YOU!