The Story

Carl and Nicole were newly engaged and expecting their first child. They were ready to plan for their future. Between them, they had managed to accrue $40,000 in savings, and were bringing in a joint salary of $140,000. They were considering getting a loan to put towards their first home, however, with their small savings, they felt there weren’t many options available to them without paying huge premiums for insurance or, higher rates.


The Solution

Nieuvision assessed their situation carefully and were able to devise a plan to secure a home loan. Luckily for Carl and Nicole, Nieuvision have their own set of home loan products not available to the general public, and the young couple were able to easily purchase their first family home. The financial planning team of Nieuvision made sure that protection was in place to assist them, should either of them lose their job, or should Nicole's maternity leave expire. This is Carl & Nicole's story - what’s yours? Nieuvision - creating a wealthier you.