17 OctThings to Look for in a Low-Maintenance Property

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There has been a distinct shift in preference for home buyers over to low-maintenance properties in recent years. Not everyone has the time or inclination to spend all their free time attending to chores around the home.

After all, working on maintenance and chores means less time to enjoy leisure activities, so it makes sense to look for properties that require little or no maintenance.

Who benefits from a low-maintenance property?

Professional couples want to know they have the time and freedom to enjoy their busy lives. Families want the benefit of spending more time with kids or social activities. Many retirees also prefer the advantages a low-maintenance home can offer them over a larger property that eats into their leisure time just to keep it maintained.

Many tenants specifically seek out low-maintenance rental properties, as they’re not always willing to attend to chores and upkeep associated with looking after their landlord’s property.

Of course, landlords can also benefit from choosing a low-maintenance investment property. Ongoing maintenance and repair costs can eat into the rental income earned and reduce the property’s profit potential. By comparison, choosing a low-maintenance property means deterioration is minimised and any repairs needed are likely to be only minor.

What to look for in a low-maintenance property

The majority of people who consider buying a low-maintenance property look at the chore-free features included inside the home. For example, long-wearing floor coverings like timber or tiles require less upkeep and maintenance over time as compared to carpet or vinyl.

However, the type of property you choose should also be a prime consideration. An older home may require more time and money spent on repairs and maintenance as compared to a newly-constructed home that may need nothing more than minor repairs from time to time.

For example, an older home may have problems with aging hot water systems, old plumbing or electrical installations, or dated air conditioning and heating systems that might require time and money to keep maintained.

Likewise, the size of the land may also be a consideration. Not everyone wants to spend all of their available free time mowing lawns, pulling weeds from garden beds, pruning hedges or shrubs, or trimming trees.

Smaller lot sizes mean much less time spent maintaining yards. However, it’s also important to make your outdoor space usable, as it’s still a real asset to any property.

Even if the property you’re looking at has a larger yard, consider paving outdoor entertaining areas to increase usable space and decrease lawn areas.

You can also turn a time-consuming garden space into a low-maintenance paradise. Choose low-maintenance shrubs or bushes that won’t require constant trimming or pruning.

Other items to look for outside the home that could drain your time reserves include pergolas, verandas, and fences. Check that fences and gates are in good condition and aren’t likely to need repairs. Timber gates or trellis may need ongoing maintenance and treatment to protect against weather erosion or deterioration.

Swimming pools, outdoor spa baths, ponds and water features also require ongoing maintenance and upkeep. If your goal is to keep your property low-maintenance, reconsider anything that might take up your valuable time just to keep it maintained.

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Sales Manager
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