Old vs New Property Investment

Old vs new property is always a hot topic.

There appears to be a distinct advantage to new properties at the moment, compared to purchasing an established residence.

Governments are providing incentives to encourage people to take on new builds, as this enables economic growth and extra taxation revenue.

So what are the advantages?

Depreciation is a major driver of investment returns. What is depreciation? This is the reduction of value in the building and fixtures and fittings which can be reflected as a claim in your taxation return. For example, the house itself, blinds, carpets, kitchens and bathrooms. An older property just doesn’t have the depreciable value of a new build.

These additional tax deductions create greater tax savings for you. This means you pay less tax, which assist you to increase the equity in your property portfolio, leading to added financial security.

Cal us today and ask us how you could pay $150 less tax each week by own a property.