Getting Started

So where do you start? How Much?

That’s easy, the initial investment is $55,000, which offers up vast income streams, incomes streams far superior to other models.

  1. Welcome call to find out what you are looking for from us
  2. We’ll get you to sign a confidentially agreement
  3. Then a more detailed call, plus forward you some forms, such as:
    1. Application
    2. Statement of assets and liabilities
    3. Complete our survey
  4. Then another interview upon receipt
  5. If the process is to continue it’s a Q & A session with your case manager, yourself and the Owner of Nieuvision
  6. If approved you are offered to submit an Expression of Interest.
  7. Review documents, attain legal sign off
  8. Training completed
  9. Documents endorsed and executed
  10. Your journey begins