How a Busy Parent With a Demanding Career Achieves Property Investment Success

About Sandra:

Sandra’s a busy Project Manager in Adelaide. Like many Australians, she thought her superannuation would cover her future – until she asked an important question.

Working with Nieuvision

Nieuvision worked with Sandra to develop her wealth-building plan and got her on the path to a secure financial future


Sandra now has two investment properties in her asset portfolio and she has plans for a third. Her financial affairs are in tight order and she’s now in control of retirement planning, taxation management, and creating her own wealth.
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Sandra is a successful property investor. She’s one of many Australians securing a strong financial future using an asset class that’s long been a source of solid growth and returns.

Sandra invests using a carefully crafted plan. But her situation was
quite different before starting her investment journey.

“I wasn’t paying too much attention to long-term investment for peace of mind for the future,” she says. “It’s what I’d always wanted to do, but I never took the time.”

Sandra’s situation was common, and one we see quite often.

“The years go by,” she says. “You get busy – children, mortgage, everything – and you’re paying superannuation and you think you’ll be alright. But then you think it might be good to do a little bit more.”

Realizing the number of years that had already passed, Sandra began asking
that important but nervous question:

“Will I have enough money for the future?”

It sparked her investment journey, which began with a hurdle – the most common for new investors.

“The hardest part was knowing where to invest. You have so many choices – and you don’t know where to go. Should I buy shares? Should I invest in property?” They were crucial decisions to make.

“I didn’t want to be worried about post-retirement life. And I wanted to have enough money for our children to give them a better future.”

Sandra was standing at the entry to the investment maze. She wanted a trusted expert who could answer her questions and show her how to build wealth for her future. But it all felt a bit like walking near cliffs in a fog.

“Making a bad decision – that was my biggest fear,” she says.

“I was concerned about purchasing a large investment and it not working. Lots of people had told me they’d bought a house and the tenants were so bad and they’d lost lots of money… “

So, Sandra did her research.

“I read books. I saw a financial advisor. But I really got started with Rick from Nieuvision. He was referred to me by a friend – and that made it easier.”

That referral was powerful for Sandra because she needed trust.

“Rick wants to help people, so he’s doing it for the right reasons.”

Finding Rick was a big a-ha moment – and it led to the first of her two investment properties.

“It took me many years investigating where to invest and working out what to buy,” she says. “So my main recommendation is to use experts who know what they’re talking about.”

It’s a vital advantage to grasp, and it’s certainly worked for Sandra.

Working with Rick and the Nieuvision team even brought pleasant surprises.

“It was a lot easier than I thought,” she says. “It really wasn’t complicated.

“Rick’s company does everything – finance, mortgage, tax – it just makes it so much easier.

In fact, when Sandra purchased her second investment property, the entire transaction was done digitally.

She’s learned a lot since making her first investment real estate investment with Nieuvision’s guidance – such as deciding at the last moment to not buy a particular property due to its location, instead buying a different one nearby.

Using Rick’s planning and advice, Sandra’s achieving the results she’s wanted – and more. “A year after we started we saw our mortgage and first tax return were even better than we’d calculated!

“That was the moment we realised ‘why doesn’t everybody do this?! It really works!’”

It was a big moment for Sandra and her husband, especially with regard to their family and their future. Because it gave them the one thing she’d finally taken the time to establish: peace of mind.

“Knowing that you won’t run out of money, that you have an investment, and that you’re protected. If I lose my job or my husband loses his job, we have something supporting us.”

And Sandra’s also discovered investment is more than just about creating wealth.

“I feel in control of what’s happening. I feel I’ve explored most avenues to make sure we have an easier life in the future.

I might be able to retire early and volunteer to help others – and not have to work until I’m old.”

So, with two investment properties under her belt, what’s next?

“Perhaps a third – we’ll see. One step at a time!”

Sandra’s experience with Nieuvision has changed how she sees investment because she knows how much it can change the future.

“Everybody should do it. It’s not that complicated. And you don’t need to be rich.

“These should be lessons we teach in primary school and high school,” she says.

And any tips on getting started?

“Speak to some of Rick’s clients. That is what I did. It helped me a lot because feedback from his customers was what convinced me it works.

“I’d be happy to speak to any potential Nieuvision customer and share my story.” And she adds this:

“Don’t wait. I wish I’d done it 20 years earlier.”
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Sandra used Nieuvision’s experience and knowledge to establish a property-based investment plan to build wealth and secure her financial future. Her investment journey is well underway. You can do the same. If you need to start building your financial future, contact me today.
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