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Are you looking for the next big investment opportunity, which has the ability to secure your financial future for life? It’s closer to home than you think. Read the following article to get the ball rolling on your financial dreams!

The world is obsessed with trying to find the next big thing to invest in. Never before have there been so many start-up companies or technological prototypes being developed thanks to the kick-starter phenomenon. A whole new industry has emerged solely to encourage investors to fund unique ideas, that previously would never have had gotten off the ground.

While there have been a few success stories that maintain the hype, the stark reality is that less than 40% of Kickstarter projects ever provide returns for investors, with a majority failing to proceed beyond the initial planning stages.

The publicity gained by these the few successful outcomes has left the market full of infatuated investors just waiting to take a chance on the next best thing. However, these pipe dream projects are leaching investor’s money when it could be appreciating in a much more reliable, which is guaranteed to appreciate. Stop wasting your money on a whim and invest in something tried and tested. Santa Clause doesn’t exist.

The Next Big Thing

This fantasy we’re describing has in, recent years, faded into the back of many people’s minds but has been existed as one of the most reliable type of investment for hundreds of year. Property. It may seem obvious but for first time to experienced investors, property investment is the smartest choice when it comes to managing your money and seeing results.

What’s In It For you?

Investing in property provides you with a tangible investment. It can be visited, renovated and customised. It’s easier to understand and manage than complicated financial assets and shares. Most importantly it’s much more stable. Unlike shares which can rise and fall by the minute, property trends are much more predictable and typically rise and fall in value more gradually over time.

Over the past 25 years, the Australian residential investment properties across the country have been producing sound returns of over 10% p.a. This compares favourably with Australian shares which on average returned 8.4% pa.

The Icing on the Cake

Property can be perceived as a long term investment which requires huge initial buy in. But in reality you can leverage property to borrow up to 90% (or possibly more) of the investment value. Typically, banks will lend much more money to someone purchasing property over shares. Many people are turned off that the thought of relying on the bank. However, working with the bank is one of the biggest supporters that you can have on the investment journey.

On top of this, if you rent out the property you’ll also earn rental income as well as capital growth. Which means you can pay off your loan more quickly or reinvest! Property investment also provides the opportunity for tax advantages with negative gearing. This strategy works when the cost of owning the investment exceeds the income you receive. If you take out a purchase loan, the interest on the loan is tax deductible, and you can deduct such expenses as property management fees, loan costs and repairs.

Your New Life

Property is and will always be the next big thing. With new suburbs and high rises appearing seemingly overnight there are literally endless opportunities for you to find the perfect investment. As a property investor you’re earning money as your invest appreciates, a trait which is very rare.

When many opportunities in this world are fleeting and unstable, property is an investment that will support you for the rest of your life. The first property that you purchase is the stepping stone to a financially fruitful future.

Property investment is not something which should be partaken alone. Enlisting the help of an investment adviser will not only guarantee that everything runs smoothly, but also means that you’ve got an insider to help you maximise your investment.


At Nieuvision, no matter if you have a large property portfolio or if you’ve never owned a home before, we will make your financial dreams a reality. With over 19 years experience and offices across the country, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the Australian property market and the tools to ensure you get results. Discuss your options with an expert property advisor from Nieuvision today.

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