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Rick Nieuwenhoven - Senior Accountant Adelaide

Your Host, Rick Nieuwenhoven

Adelaide Home Loan Reduction Expert

Over the last 15 years, Rick Nieuwenhoven has helped hundreds of South Australians to to slash their mortgage repayments and get ahead financially.

Rick is a key industry figure, on the board of directors for the FBAA, holds numerous financial qualifications, 10 years experience lecturing tertiary students in Adelaide, worked for international accounting firm KPMG, and is the founder of accounting and finance firm, Nieuvision.

Many of Rick’s clients have continued to seek out his advice and have successfully followed his strategies to slash years of their home loan, some paying of their homes in as little as 7 years.

He has refined his methodology into “tried and tested” strategies that you can implement. You can use Rick’s innovative home loan reduction tactics, without paying a cent to Rick!

Be warned, there are no tricks to Rick’s advice and no short-cuts either. Rick’s strategies are for those who are determined to pay off their home loan quicker. Even if you don’t know where to start, that’s okay!

Your Free 7 Module Short Course

Module 1 – How To Save $18,258 (or more) On Your Home Loan


Module 2 – $62,999 Home Loan Savings Hack Revealed By Leading Broker


Module 3 – How To Save Thousands With A Home Loan Interest Rate of .75%!


Module 4 – How To Get $100 Per Week Paid Into Your Home Loan


Module 5 – How To Grow A $100,000 Lump Sum To Pay Off Your Home Loan


Module 6 – The Simplest Home Loan Reduction Technique Available


Module 7 – Little-Used Tactic To Pay An Extra $126 Per Week Off Your Home Loan

Hear from Rick's Course Participants

With over 15 years guiding Adelaide residents improve their financial future, it’s no surprise that Rick has dozens of positive reviews and testimonials.

Jim Rentifis

Home Loan Client

My experience dealing with the team at Nieuvision was quick, easy and painless. Their knowledge and expertise in selecting the right loan and bank was crucial in making sure settlement went through on time and without any issues. Well done to you all and thank you for your support and service.

Michelle Pridham

Investment Client

Don't be fooled by the relaxed demeanour and lack of suits, Nieuvision are very professional yet aren't in it to get rich off clients. Rick and his team treat us like people instead of numbers and cash cows. Offering excellent advice on tax, property investment and all things finance.

Cain Gava

Long-Term Client

Rick & his team genuinely care about getting the best outcome. I've secured my financial future thanks to their 1-stop shop.


Long-Term Client​

Very helpful and easy to deal with. Good customer service and explain things and do not rush their customers. Highly recommended.

Marie Viant

Long-Term Client​

Rick has helped me for 6 years now on property investment, financial advise, loans and property management. You get get a customized service, all transactions are easy and facilitated by a professional and friendly team.

Justin Lloyd

Long-Term Client​

Staff were very helpful with sorting a personal loan and very quick with the process!

Marjolyn Noble

Long-Term Client​

I have known Rick and his team for many years, I trust their guidance and support for my business. I highly recommend Nieuvision for accounting and financial advice.

Dave Austin

Long-Term Client​

Nieuvision provided fantastic customer support and advice for our recent financial needs. Will be a regular customer for our personal and business needs from now on.

Dozens of Adelaide residents have improved their financial future with Rick’s strategies.

You can too.

More about the course...

Module 1

When you watch the video within this module, you’re probably going to kick yourself for not doing it earlier. It’s SO easy and ANYONE can do it. That’s why we put it at module 1!

Module 2

This module teaches a very specific type of bank account that many banks don’t promote, because it erodes bank profits. Some don’t qualify, but those that do can save thousands in interest.

Module 3

You read correctly. An exclusive .75% interest rate is available for qualifying Adelaide home owners. Just imagine how fast you could pay off your loan with in interest rate so low!

Module 4

This module explains an extremely rare rental property strategy that only around 1 in 500 people with a property investment actually know about. People’s jaws drop when they learn about the investment property they never knew existed.

Module 5

Module 5 is dedicated to a particular investment strategy that doesn’t require any upfront cash out of your savings account to get going with. Those that qualify for it can slash their home loan and grow a retirement nest egg at the same time. 

Module 6

The strategy is another option that every single home owner can look into. Not everyone will qualify, but the vast majority of Australian’s are loosing $1500-$2500 in wasted bank interest each year through not using the strategy.

Module 7

This is a medium term play that some course participants will not be in a position to do just yet, but if that’s you, it gives you something to work towards. Those that have done it are enjoying the benefits of $50, $100 or even more being paid into their mortgage each week.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note that Rick Nieuwenhoven, Nieuvision Pty Ltd and associated brands is not a licensed Financial Adviser and independent Financial Advice should be obtained in order to determine if an investment property is suitable for your personal circumstances.

This information (‘the information’) is presented for illustrative and educational purposes only. It is not presented nor should it be treated as real estate advice, legal advice, investment advice, or tax advice. All investments involve risk and potential loss of money. If you require advice in any of these fields you should contact a suitably qualified professional to assist and advise you. Your personal individual financial circumstances must be taken into account before you make any investment decision. We urge you to do this in conjunction with a suitably qualified professional. Rick Nieuwenhoven, Nieuvision Pty Ltd, and their associated trading names, companies, researchers, authorised distributors and licensees, employees and speakers do not guarantee your past, present or future investment results whether based on this information or otherwise. Rick Nieuwenhoven, Nieuvision Pty Ltd and their associated trading names, companies, researchers, authorised distributors and licensees, employees and speakers disclaim all liability for your purchase decisions. You should do your own independent due diligence and seek the advice of qualified advisors before making any investment decision.

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