John Desaubin, Walkley Heights

Nieuvision have been brilliant. At the moment I am managing to pay $1000 off the mortgage (after interest) per month, and so far so good. They showed me how to manage my tax better and now I have first choice about what do with my income. I am stoked.  Nieuvision could do that for you too, you just have to make that first phone call. Rick made me feel valued, and I am thrilled. Thanks everyone at Nieuvision!

Sue & Steve Bannister, Modbury

Friends suggested we get in touch with Rick and the team at Nieuvision. They made buying our first investment property so easy. Because we both work full time we were worried that the whole process was going to take forever, but because Nieuvision do everything, it was brilliant! They handled all the different aspects of the purchase, communicating with us regularly so we knew exactly what was happening, every step of the way. We're now paying less tax and paying off our mortgage faster. Great job Nieuvision!