What’s Your Magic Number?

It’s basically:

• How much you need income wise at retirement?

• And what age do you want to retire at?

Our goal is to help you to get there with as minimal risk to you as possible.

• It’s about how are you going to make your world going forward at the age that you want to retire?

To give you an example:

• Do you want to retire in 15 years time?

• And do you want a $100,000 income at retirement?

• How are you going to get there?

• What retirement investment options do you want to pursue?

And that’s what we help you with.

What is that number?

Preparing for retirement, everybody is different, I’ve spoken to people that want $500,000 at retirement age and I’ve spoken to people that only need $42,000 at retirement.

What I do know, the people who usually talk about $42,000 usually are selling themselves short.

And when we discover how much they really need it usually is a little bit higher.

Once you understand why it’s important to you and what you’ve got to do with it, then it becomes easier for you to attain with the right retirement investment plan.

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