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Here at Nieuvision we have heard every reason under the sun as to why people haven’t invested in property before.

“I can’t afford it…it’s too hard to get started…I don’t earn enough money…what if I choose the wrong property…I don’t want that kind of commitment…what if I can’t get tenants…what if the property market fails…”

We call this Investorphobia and we want to let you know that it is curable!

We know you may be scared at the thought of taking the property buying leap, so the team at Nieuvision have compiled a list outlining the positives associated with property investment.

It’s simpler than you think

At first it may all seem overwhelming; the initial deluge of paperwork you need to produce and information you need to assimilate can stoke your fears. The truth is that the hardest part is taking the first step. (And, if that first step is approaching Nieuvision, then it’s not hard at all). As long as you’ve got your finances in order, you can start researching properties. If you spend a little time researching thoroughly, chances are you will find a decent property. At Nieuvision our team are committed to buying the very best property available for you. We will perform all the necessary due diligence and property inspections to ensure the property you buy is of the very highest quality.

Real estate is pretty stable

You may not know it, but real estate is a less volatile investment than the stock market or mutual funds. There’s a lot of talk about the property market on the news, especially in these uncertain economic times but it’s important to remember that strong population growth means that there is a continuing demand for housing. People will always need a place to live, even during difficult times and will often forgo other luxuries in order to pay rent. As long as you have plans in place to see you through downturn blips in the market, it won’t take long for you to bounce back once the prices rise again.

You have control

With investment properties you have the control in deciding how much you grow and develop your investment. You decide where you buy, how you buy and when to sell. If the area has been rezoned, you can double up on your income by building a second dwelling. You can renovate as much as you like to improve rental returns. The choice is yours. When these decisions are made under the advice of property investment experts, like those here at Nieuvision, you know that the result is going to be excellent. We’ll take the emotion out of any decision making, and advise you which choices will bring the greatest returns.

Property is easy to understand

Real estate is simple: house, townhouse, unit, villa. You charge rent and you hope that that rent will cover most, if not all of the mortgage. If you can no longer afford it, you sell it. If it’s all going well and you are accruing equity quickly, you buy another property. No reason for fear! The most important things you need to know are capital growth, cash flow and yields. For more advanced strategies contact one of our talented Nieuvision people for more in-depth advice.

You can use the taxman

The beauty of property investment is that you can use your investment to claim a range of tax deductible expenses which will help reduce your tax bills and improve your cash flow. A good accountant should be able to cut your tax expenses by tens of thousands of dollars, which may seem unbelievable, but it’s not. Our accountants at Nieuvision are specialists in tax law and will help find you every single dollar you can claim.

Your mortgage gets paid by your tenants

Rather than you working 50 hours a week in order to pay off your investments, your tenants do all the hard work for you. You get to sit back and watch your investment grow in value. Does that seem scary to you?

Property can make you rich

This may sound like a cliché, but it is true. Real estate makes more millionaires than any other asset classes. Fortune Magazine found that 97% of all wealth was either created or held in property. That’s a pretty impressive statistic. Stocks and mutual funds may seem like the flashy investment choices but we know that property is the undisputed winner.

Each and every one of our clients has said, “Why didn’t we do this before?”

There is nothing to fear. Make an appointment with one of our expert Nieuvision team members and banish Investorphobia for ever.

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Disclaimer: We recommend that you seek independent financial and taxation advice before acting on any information in our articles and newsletters. They contain general information only and have been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend that you consider whether it is appropriate for your circumstances. Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product. Any mention of interest rates are subject to change without notice. Lenders terms, conditions, fees & charges apply.

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