10 MarWhat is a Mortgage Comparison Rate?

Have you ever noticed that many banks advertise a great interest rate in big, bold font, but there is always a much smaller interest rate shown somewhere else on the same ad? That less-obvious interest rate is known as the comparison rate. Banks are legally required to display a comparison rate when advertising any type of loan.

So what is a mortgage comparison rate – and more importantly – how can it help you get a better deal on your home loan?

Essentially, a comparison rate is a way to help consumers identify the true cost of a loan. The displayed interest rate might be what you are charged in interest, but many banks, credit unions and financial institutions also charge a range of other fees and charges that could potentially mean you’re spending more money than you thought.

By showing a loan’s comparison rate, consumers have a better idea how much they’ll really pay after the interest, fees and charges are all taken into account.

How is a comparison rate calculated?

In order to determine the true cost of a loan, it’s important to take all the associated costs into account.

A comparison rate is made up of the following:

  • The amount of the loan;
  • The term of the loan;
  • The repayment frequency;
  • The interest rate; and
  • The fees and charges associated with the loan.

It is a useful tool for borrowers to compare the cost of different loans. However, borrowers need to be aware the loan amounts and terms shown on a comparison rate don’t necessarily reflect the loan they require.

For example, you may see a loan advertised as follows:

Variable interest rate 4.25%, comparison rate 4.78% – based on loan of $150,000 over 25 years.

While this comparison rate reflects the true cost of this example loan, it would be a completely different figure for a loan size of $400,000, or for a loan term of 30 years.

It gets even more confusing when looking at the comparison rate for a fixed rate loan. That’s why it’s important to not only check the right rates, but make sure that you’re getting the right features for your personal financial situation.

A Nieuvision finance broker can help explain exactly what a comparison rate is as it relates to your own individual circumstances and how it will affect your loan repayments.


Kym Russell
Finance & Property Consultant
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