About the Property Portal

With over 19 years of finance industry experience, at Nieuvision, we understand the struggles facing investors and brokers in the dynamic Australian financial landscape.
That’s why, to give smaller brokers and their clients a boost, Nieuvision have developed an online property portal.
It’s a revolutionary resource that will forever change the way you invest. It gives mortgage brokers complete control over their clients and clients complete transparency throughout the investment process.
The online property portal works in conjunction with you, so your provided with ideal investment opportunities Australia wide and the resources to make informed decisions and choose the home that best fits what you’re hoping to achieve.
Our online property portal has been designed around a model that allows users to seamlessly build their investment portfolios. For example, it could mean one home in the first year, two homes in three years and 3 homes in five years. Utilising Nieuvision’s property portal, this dream can become a reality.
It’s essentially a finger on the pulse of the property market, as you can see instantly when opportunities arise. So users can grow their personal wealth through a property that is sustainable.