Structuring Property

What makes structuring property so crucial to investments?

An important issue you need to consider when buying property is whose name it will be purchased in. The easiest option is your own name, but there may be other, more advantageous options available. ‘Structuring’ is a term used by accountants to describe the way you own and control your wealth. A good structure will do three things: protect your assets, legally minimise your tax, and maximise your borrowing capacity. Nieuvision have team of skilled taxation accountants ready to help you structure your property portfolio efficiently, bringing you the greatest financial gains.

A small selection of the many issues addressed by our team are listed below:

  • We have land tax in South Australia – if you have $1 million in property, the annual land tax will be $9,446
  • We have stamp duty
  • We have a marginal rate of tax
  • The company rate or tax
  • Capital gain concessions of an individual/company/trust
  • How are losses trapped in a trust
  • The rate of tax in self managed super
  • How do you access your super with property?

Nieuvision will help guide you through these issues and create a personalised plan to get you the best results possible from your investments.

We want to create a wealthier you!