4 NovTax Tips for Investors

Along with other investment markets, property tends to move in a recurring theme: boom, bust, recovery and growth. This cycle, however, is not reliable. While tax should never be the sole reason for any investment, it is helpful to review the taxation implications at each stage of the property ownership cycle. READ MORE

4 NovNo Need to Love the Location, Love the Return on Investment

Separating emotion and logic when it comes to property investment is no easy feat, especially when the stakes are so high; the stakes being your hard earned money. The most imperative attribute to seek in purchasing an investment property should be the capital growth potential it possesses. Securing a property that will not only remain in-demand, but will appreciate in value in correlation with inflation and maintenance expenses should be your top priority. Purchasing a property solely based on its location and appearance – though these factors are important- without taking into consideration the local market conditions, could potentially stunt the capital gains or return on investment you receive. Here are some helpful points to consider before making the purchase, to get the most out of your investment: READ MORE

4 JulTime to Rise and Shine

Isn’t there some doom and gloom in the financial markets at the moment? What about Greece? I don’t want to pay my bills anymore so I’m walking away, if only it worked like that. The human behaviour aspect of the people in Greece is the interesting one. What is the first thing to happen? Banks are in trouble, quick run to the bank and withdraw all our cash. Then we have the mad panic when the bank won’t provide it all. READ MORE

19 MayHow to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Your financial goals are unique to you. Whether you’re thinking about taking your finances to the next step or planning for retirement, there’s help available. READ MORE

11 MayDon’t Be Held Back By ‘What If?’

I often get asked the question, “What if?”

For example:

  1. What if interest rates go up?
  2. What if the government changes negative gearing?
  3. What if I can’t get a tenant?
  4. What if the property market declines?


But what we really should be asking is:

  1. What if interest rates go down?
  2. What if the government doesn’t change the negative gearing rules?
  3. What if you do get a tenant?
  4. What if the property market does go up?


We should be looking at the positive perspective rather than the negative, because we are currently in an excellent overall economic position. READ MORE

11 MayFinding the True Cost of Your Home Loan

Over the past couple of months the banks have been pushing a lot of attractively low interest rates. And with the possibility of a further rate cut in the near future, existing home owners and potential first home owners now have even more of an opportunity to refinance or get into the property market.

But before being seduced by the cheapest home loan rate, it’s critical that you first take a look at the comparison rate on the loan product.

The comparison rate helps you work out the true cost of the loan. It includes not only the advertised interest rate, but also most of the fees and charges relating to the loan which you wouldn’t normally see, and which have been reduced to a single percentage figure.

It will help you compare home loans from different lenders that have different rates and fees.

For example, a bank may offer a home loan interest rate as 4.05%. But when you add on all the extra fees and charges, the real rate might be 5.30%.  To be fair and open, all banks must advertise the comparison rate and this is what you need to look for when you’re shopping around.

So before you sign on to a super low rate, make sure you have a look at the comparison rate first to see if you are really getting a bargain. Because in some cases, the lowest rate is not always the best.

If you need any help or advice, contact our Property Investment and Finance consultant Kym Russell on krussell@nievision.com.au to guide you through the numerous finance offerings available.

20 Apr5 Tips for Selling in Today’s Property Market

Australia’s property boom is showing no signs of slowing down, with properties selling after as little as three weeks on the market.
When the market is good it feeds that urgency in number of ways and you tend to find fewer properties go to auction.

So it’s a great time to put your property on the market, no need for the perfect weather or the right month!

Here are some important tips to think about when getting ready for sale.

  1. Houses should be thoroughly cleaned and de-cluttered. Anything that detracts from a potential sale needs to be thrown out, put in storage or sold at the local auction rooms, market, and garage sale or on eBay. “Most houses are over-furnished
  2. It’s important to have the property looking smart from the outside because that’s what many buyers fall in love with.
  3. Vendors can consider a house wash with a high-pressure hose. The service costs about $500 and gets rid of cobwebs and dust and can freshen pavers.
  4. When it comes to marketing, photographs can be the most important element. “Many buyers will judge your property within five to 10 seconds of looking at the photos and if they’re not excited … then they simply won’t read on and they’ll go on to the next house.
  5. Pet smells can be a major turn-off for buyers. Not everyone is a dog or a cat person.

But before all this happens call a trusted specialist in the know, to help you go through the property see what needs to go and what you can do that may not require a lot of money.

There is no need doing major reno’s to increase your price, because 9 times out of 10 it won’t affect the selling price in a big way.

So if you’re interested in finding out what your property would sell for in this current boom, and would like tips to get ready for sale Cindy Beecken from Nieuvision Property works in a boutique agency offering many different services, and would be delighted to assist you.


9 DecDon’t Fear Failure, Let It Drive You To Success

I thought I would share some insight with you about my personal life that may help you in business, in investing or just in life in general. As I was touring the internet for random videos, yes as I do, I stumbled across Anthony Robins the motivator and life coach. He was discussing failure and how failure holds people back. With the countless people I meet in my business, the fear of failure too holds them back from making those big jump decisions, such as changing jobs, moving states, buying an investment, investing money or starting a business. But as Anthony stated if you learn from failure, it’s an experience, don’t forget that.

In my business I have made failures, I over invested and was sucked into advertising systems numerous times, one was over spending in the Yellow Pages, another was with a TV ad. In those two examples, it wasn’t the sales persons fault, it really wasn’t any one’s fault, the delivery didn’t meet the outcome, it can happen. My biggest failure however was opening a retail store, actually three of them with my wife. The principal of the store was fine, but during that time the GFC struck and the locations of the shops didn’t help our business model. What happened was we bled money, we had pride we fought it out, until it got to a point where we decided we have tried but now it’s time to stop.

We lost over $100,000 in our money giving it a shot, does this make us a failure? My answer is No. Did it stop us reinvesting into our other business? Of course not! We learnt from it, we learnt to process decisions more effectively, create stronger strategies, and most importantly the lessons we learnt we have been able to guide 100’s of our financial clients. We have been able to help people avoid making the mistakes that we made, so not only have we learnt, but others are also and luckily enough we can save people money. So even though at the time we lost money, we have probably saved more than that through future decisions and clients decisions.


So as we head into the Christmas and new year period, a time when people start thinking about life and what to do with it, I implore you all to not fear failure. Have a positive visualisation of what you want to do and when you are ready, do it. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from the right person, too many people are conservative and will attempt to hold you back, because their fear that you will succeed and therefore they will fall further behind, don’t lets those type of peoples negativity stop you. Surround yourself with likeminded people, positive people, a group that will encourage you to develop and shoot for the stars.


If you have had similar experiences or would like to ask any questions I would enjoy hearing them