12 FebInvestorphobia – overcome your fears and watch your portfolio grow!


Here at Nieuvision we have heard every reason under the sun as to why people haven’t invested in property before.

“I can’t afford it…it’s too hard to get started…I don’t earn enough money…what if I choose the wrong property…I don’t want that kind of commitment…what if I can’t get tenants…what if the property market fails…”

We call this Investorphobia and we want to let you know that it is curable!


10 FebIs property investment for you?

real estate concept with a mini house on white


Property is often the first port of call for Australians looking to build wealth, and can be a sound investment option. It is often less volatile than shares but, and this needs to be remembered, it is best viewed as a long term venture.  I am sure you have read about people who have bought a house cheaply, renovated it quickly and made a bunch of money. This sounds appealing but often takes a lot of work and the return is not as great as you might think. Serious long term property investment is where you grow real wealth.


8 FebFrom first homebuyer to successful property investor – how goal setting can help you make the leap in 2016!

London, UK - July 2, 2011: Model figurine of a businesman at the starting point of the board game monopoly Stock photo description Model figurine of a businesman at the starting point GO of the board game monopoly with hotels and dice in the background


It’s no secret that the key to any successful property investment decision is goal setting. It’s what separates those who create significant personal wealth through their property investments from those who don’t! It’s a simple concept but when it comes to building a strong property portfolio it takes a lot of detailed thought and planning.


10 DecBuilding a Property Portfolio – minimising risk




Building a successful property portfolio is not a simple process. The process is ongoing, requires solid planning and time critical decision making. Purchasing numerous properties without proper planning is unlikely to achieve above average returns in the long term – which is one of the only reasons you’d want to own multiple properties in the first place!


30 NovProperty Investment – Your Next Big Thing

Good Egg - property Investment

Are you looking for the next big investment opportunity, which has the ability to secure your financial future for life? It’s closer to home than you think. Read the following article to get the ball rolling on your financial dreams!

24 NovRentvesting – A New Breed of Property Investment


Buy a House and Earn Income! Have You Heard About the New Trend Growing Rapidly Among Gen Y? Find Out Why One in Every Four First Home-buyers in an Australian State are Purchasing Their First Homes as Investment Properties! READ MORE

12 NovLocation, Location, Location – No More!

Location no more - Property Investment

If you’re holding off on buying an investment property until you can afford your favourite location, stop wasting your time and press play on your future. Have a read on these hot tips on what you should really be looking for location wise!

5 NovProperty Investment – Not as Complex as you Think

Property Investment

Too many people work 9-5 jobs their entire life, with the thought that one day they will retire and be able to live comfortably. In reality, these people often end up working well past their minimum retirement age just so that they will have enough money in their super fund to be able to buy milk and bread!


What if we told you that there was a way that regular people on regular incomes can earn an additional form of income, through minimal work, that advances them rapidly financially? One that enables them to retire early and live a lifestyle many could only dream of! READ MORE