1 Sep4 Finance Traps at the Backyard BBQ

If you’re thinking about taking control of your financial future, it can be easy to get caught up talking about your plans with friends or family over a beer and a BBQ.

While friends and family might have the best intentions, sometimes the advice they offer might actually do you more harm than good. Here are some common finance traps you could fall into at your next backyard BBQ: READ MORE

15 JulRental Update

Core Logics monthly updates are out and there are some interesting comments which can lead to reasons for portfolio consideration. On page one of their monthly report they advised that …”

So if you are sitting on old property stock in your portfolio, it may be worth considering stopping being a nester. Can you use that equity for better reasons? One reason to adjust your portfolio could be to use any equity in the rental to clear any personal debt you may be exposed to. READ MORE

21 MarInvesting and Tax – get your money back in your pocket!

money back in pocket

At Nieuvision our tax specialists are committed to minimising your tax and getting your money back into your pocket! We want you to get the best out of each of your investment properties and continue you on your journey to wealth.

You may not know that there are a number of tax benefits available to property investors which don’t require extensive knowledge of the taxation system. These benefits (while helpful in offsetting the cost of holding a property while pursuing a ‘buy and hold’ capital growth strategy) may be affected by different ownership structures – an important point to remember.


14 MarInvesting for Renters


Owning your own home may be the Aussie dream, but is it the right move for you?

Instead of buying your first home to live in, it can pay to buy an investment property instead.

It may seem strange to hear but there are some persuasive arguments for continuing to rent whilst establishing a property portfolio.


8 MarHow investing in property paid for my child to attend private school


We approached Nieuvision 4 years ago after making the decision to invest in property. We needed help and had heard great things about the company.

My wife and I had 4 young children (2, 3, 6, 8) and were living in the family home we had bought 6 years earlier, before the property boom. Our house cost us $370,000 and after carrying out some fairly extensive renovations we were surprised and thrilled to realise we had just over $220,000 worth of equity available to us.


29 Feb7 critical questions to ask before you buy a property

questions (1)

Many people dream of owning at least one investment property as part of their retirement strategy. The appeal of buying houses is that they are seen to be more tangible and solid than shares on the stock market. However, I am sure each of us can recall meeting someone along the way who had been burned by property investment. This makes me wonder whether they fully considered their purchase before signing on the dotted line. The following are 7 critical questions everyone should ask themselves before buying their first investment property.


22 FebI can’t afford an investment portfolio!


So you are living in your house, enjoying your life. You keep reading about the importance of creating an investment portfolio to support you during your retirement. But you have worked the same job for 15 years. You’re paying a little extra off your mortgage each week and you have a small nest egg squirreled away. Let’s face it. The only thing that is stopping you from jumping into the property market is fear.


17 Feb7 Popular Property Investment Strategies to Build Wealth


You want to retire early but you are only just starting out on your property investment journey and you don’t know how and where to start. Let Nieuvision help you by outlining some of the most popular strategies to building wealth through property investment.