3 FebMistakes to Avoid When Investing in Property

Mistakes when investing in propertyMaking the decision to buy an investment property is a positive step towards creating financial security. Investing in property is never an exact science, and what might work well for one person might be completely different for another.

However, there are some common property investment mistakes many investors make that could easily be avoided. READ MORE

3 FebStamp Duty – Off-the-Plan Concession on Apartments in SA

Did you know home buyers are able to claim Stamp Duty Concessions on the purchase of eligible off-the-plan apartments anywhere in South Australia up to the 30th June 2017? The concession will vary depending on the stage of completion of the development and market value of the apartment.

The full concession will be provided on off-the-plan purchases where construction has not yet commenced and reduces after each stage of completion. READ MORE

3 FebTips for Saving a Deposit for Your First Home

Saving for a deposit for your first home can seem daunting. After all, it seems like such a huge amount of money if you’re already spending much of your salary on living expenses.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the savings process much easier. If you’re keen to get into the real estate market, here are some tips that might help: READ MORE

3 FebTop Tips for Buying an Investment Property

Investing in property has long been one of Australia’s favourite ways to invest. Any successful investor understands that a good investment property should contribute towards increasing your wealth, but it’s also important to recognise that investing in property is not a get-rich-quick strategy.

Here are our top tips for buying an investment property: READ MORE

19 DecDo Holiday Homes Make Good Investments

In a recent interview with Canberra radio station Radio 2CC, Rick discusses the topic of “Do Holiday Homes Make Good Investments”. Click below to have a listen…


28 NovWhat is Negative Gearing and How Does it Work?


If you’ve ever considered property investment, chances are you’ve heard the term ‘negative gearing’. But do you really know what it means and how it could affect your investment strategy?

What is gearing?

Gearing means borrowing money to buy an asset. In terms of property, gearing means you’ve taken out a mortgage to buy an investment property. READ MORE

28 NovWhat is Debt to Income Ratio?

Real Estate Scale

Debt to Income ratio is a term that lenders use to determine the serviceability of the loan.  This ratio identifies how much of your monthly income is applied towards the payment of ongoing debts such as credit card payments, personal debt, mortgage repayments or car loans.  It is your total monthly debts divided by your monthly income.

If your monthly income is $2,000 and you are spending $500 every month towards your repayments, your debt to income ratio is 25%.  Lenders do not want this figure to exceed 30-35% of monthly income. READ MORE

28 NovIs the Cheapest Interest Rate the Best Deal for You?

low-interest-rates-cheap-loansIt’s quite normal for many people to hunt for the cheapest interest rate they can find for their mortgage. After all, a lower interest rate can mean lower repayments.

However, with all the hype about cheap interest rates at the moment, it’s easy to get swept up and locked into a loan with a low interest rate that might not end up being as cheap as you first thought. There’s also the problem of chasing cheap interest rates without checking all there is to know about the actual bank product and what benefits it can give you. READ MORE