For the Mortgage Brokers

When you work with Nieuvision’s property portal you’re investing in the future of your company. The capabilities of the portal enable mortgage brokers to deliver a service which is state of the art and adds value for their clients.


Utilising the portal does not mean that you have to hand over your clients to Nieuvision, in fact you have all the control. Each broker will gain access through their own logins which they can use and show the portal to their clients at their own discretion. There is the option of letting Nieuvision handle their client’s interaction with the portal if that method works for your company.


The portal allows your company to stand out from the crowd by implementing this innovative technology to provide reliable results.


Turn clients into Raving Fans

Without a doubt, the portal’s greatest strength is its ability to grow your business. Repetitively showing your clients that you can deliver results and find them successful investment opportunities, strengthens your brand and builds customer loyalty. Gaining a good reputation and having your client’s trust is the key success for your business and creates raving fans.


Raving fans are clients that sing your praises from the roof tops. They are extremely happy with what you have accomplished and keep returning to your company time and time again. Most importantly, they recommend your services to other people and refer potential clients to you. This is a gold mine of new business and a sure way to grow your company.


The superb accessibility that the property portal provides to both mortgage brokers and their clients, is an easy way to create raving fan clients as they can see how their investments will work for them now and in the future.