Nieuvision at the FBAA Annual Conference

Have you ever sat in your office wondering where you next set of business is coming from?

Do you ever look at what is happening in the market place and feel that the muscle of larger players will always keep you small?

Are you fearful that your edge in the marketplace might not be enough to keep your customers from searching around for other brokers, or being poached by the banks?

At Nieuvision we understand the challenges the Finance Broking landscape is continually coming up against especially by the larger banks. With bigger advertising spends each year that deliver messages that suggest the grass may be greener by dealing with a bank, the challenge remains to deliver an edge to your clients.

Introducing the Nieuvision Property Portal

The Portal represents a cross section of properties across Australia in a mix of price points aimed at targeting consumers of all income levels.

Each property has been vetted to meet the criteria of the Nieuvision property standards that will achieve a short, medium and long term result for clients.

Access to the portal is online and via restricted username and passwords.

Benefits of the Property Portal

The Portal provides you a means to access properties 24/7 and assist in providing your clients options for property purchase.

More importantly, it provides a convenient tool for your clients positioning you as a “Finance Manager” with a real edge on your competition.

Stand out from the rest of the Finance Managers – deliver a value offering to your clients and keep them coming back.

Become a Property Portal Partner today!

It’s easy to register.

Simply complete your details and have access to over 500 properties across Australia

Receive comprehensive Property Analysis Reports that can be provided to your clientele and their accountant for assessing feasibility.


If you would like to discuss this further with us at the conference or after the conference, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Alternatively to register your interest for the portal and request a call back simply complete the form under the portal tab to the left